In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a Sales dashboard by fetching data using Google Sheets API.  In any organization, revenue is key for growth, and the sales team manages this. For the sales team, it is important to understand how many leads from marketing efforts and organic sources converted to opportunities, and how many of… Read More »

Introduction All projects, be they big or small, have multiple data points that stakeholders need to see- timeline, expenses, efficiency and more. Gantt charts are a specialized type of bar charts that illustrates a project schedule. Project management and Gantt charts are inseparable. In fact, Henry Gantt - the creator (and namesake) of Gantt charts… Read More »

In today’s world more than 2.5 quintillion (that’s 18 zeroes!)  bytes of data is being recorded every day, hence most of the data storage systems are getting filled at an exponential pace, commanding for more data centres. What we need to keep in mind is, each of these data records has a time element mapped… Read More »

Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency that’s going to replace traditional fiat currency in the future - say many crypto enthusiasts. Well, that’s a fact that’s becoming more of fiction, especially after last year, when Bitcoin prices rose up astronomically to potentially hit the $20,000 mark. While the entire world has been hoping for Bitcoin to rise… Read More »

Data visualization can be an incredible driver for communicating key business information. It helps present a visual narrative that’s easier to digest for those without the time to pour over large swaths of text (think CxOs, busy senior management, or even millennials with a time crunch). In fact, these days, that’s most of us -… Read More »

The Python Package Index has libraries for practically every data visualization need—from Pastalog for real-time visualizations of neural network training to Gaze Parser for eye movement research. Some of these libraries can be used no matter what field of application, yet many of them are intensely focused on accomplishing a specific task. An overview of… Read More »