reusable react components to render multiple charts

ReactJS is a JavaScript-based front-end library that helps developers create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. It lets you divide your UI into reusable pieces that are independent of each other in terms of functionality. These pieces are called reusable components. Reusable components facilitate faster development because the next time a developer needs to create a… Read More »

data education data democratization self service analytics tool

How self-service analytics, data democratization and data education can take collaboration to a whole new level. 2013: Nearly 3,600 photos are uploaded on Instagram, over 100,000 Tweets are posted, and Google processes more than 2 million searches, every minute. Fast forward to 2017. For 456,000 Tweets a minute, we have 527,760 Snaps – a major… Read More »

creating charts in vue js using FusionCharts

Vue.JS a progressive JavaScript-based framework works well when you want to build user interfaces. The Vue framework is designed such that it can be adopted incrementally; a developer’s familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, therefore, makes it all the more easy to start working with Vue. Additionally, the core library’s focus on the view layer… Read More »

create charts with Firebase FusionCharts

Backend-as-a-Service—BaaS—is a mobile-based backend service that lets web and mobile application developers link their applications to the backend cloud storage. Firebase, a provider of BaaS, allows developers to create delightful user experiences by simplifying management—the developers don’t need to focus on managing the servers. Firebase becomes the server, the datastore, as well the API, all… Read More »

Written in the Ruby language, Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework. It uses the MVC architecture; where 'M' stands for Model, 'V' stands for View, and 'C' stands for Controller. Before we go ahead, here’s an interesting fact about Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is consists of two components: Ruby and Rails. Ruby… Read More »

charts in Polymer JS Application

Polymer is a JavaScript library which helps in building custom components for a web page or a web application. Web components are low-level primitives that lets you define your own HTML elements and as Polymer is build using web components, it provides the additional power by allowing to define custom components. The defined custom components… Read More »